Membership Benefits

Petro Serve USA, Helping America Fuel Better since 1934!

How Do I Become an Owner?

1. Complete the W-9 Card and mail

2. Continue to Make Your Petro Serve USA Purchases

3. Earn Rewards!

How Do I Open a Petro Serve USA Account?

1. Complete the Online Credit Application (or Downloadable Credit Application) and W-9 Card and mail

2. Mail to: 1772 Main Ave W West Fargo, ND 58078

3. Receive Letter of Credit Approval from Petro Serve USA

4. Receive Credit Card Within 7-10 Business Days

5. Do Business and Earn Rewards!

As a member you earn patronage dividends which are paid back to you over a period of time. Patronage dividends are your reward for doing business with your cooperative.

You accumulate patronage dividends each year you do business with us. All purchases earn patronage dividends whether you are buying gas and snacks at one of our C Stores or products to heat your home or power your tractor. Each year the profit (excess after operating costs and other expenses) is determined and allocated to members who purchased product from us that year. The allocation amount is determined by multiplying the profit percentage determined times the amount of business you did with the cooperative.

Thirty percent of the patronage dividends are paid out to you each year. The remaining 70% remains in your membership account and is used by the cooperative to fund day to day operations. The accumulated patronage dividends will be paid out to you at a later date. If you move away from the area, it is important that you keep us informed of your new mailing address. This makes it easier to pay out your patronage dividends.

So, do business with the company you own!

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